So Much for the Downtrodden

Acosta simply wanted a thorough explanation                                                 about the new Trump policy on legal immigration.                                       But, in true White House spokesman form,                                                     Steve Miller made it fully one more outrageous instance                               of White House ‘playing bully’.                                                                         It’s obvious the White House has nothing but contempt                               for anyone who questions them, or makes them look inept.                         And, now, GOP leaders wants briefings to “go dark”!                                   Are they afraid a spokesman’s bite might be worse than his bark?               “The New Colossus” welcomes all those in huddled mass.                               It doesn’t limit immigrants to just the ‘upper class’.                                       Besides, if Trump lets only those with ‘education’ in;                                   won’t that reduce job prospects for smart Americans?!?                               Steve Miller’s one more bully, like Bannon, “Mooch” and Sean.                 I’ll give him thirty days, or less, before – he, too – is gone.                           -RKO-                  #715                     08-03-17                                                   [Political Poetry by RKO now available at]

America, the Boot is Full

Not long ago, we used to sing                                                                           of amber waves of grain.                                                                                   But now, it seems like everything                                                                     has simply gone insane!                                                                                     When Spicer quit, “Mooch” wished him well,                                                 and – trying to be ‘sunny’ –                                                                               he hoped that Sean would now go on                                                               to make a lot of money!                                                                                     It’s so unfortunate these days,                                                                           how our lives are controlled                                                                               – not by our character or truth –                                                                       but what we’ve owned or owed.                                                                         The ‘greenery’ in our country we often overlook.                                           It seems the only ‘green’ we see is in our pocketbook!                                   -RKO-       #714           08-02-17                                                                       [Political Poetry by RKO now available at]

What’s Good for the General’s Genitals is Just as Good for the Privates

The Pentagon spends $40 million on Viagra!                                                   (some say it’s over $80 million).                                                                     At ten bucks a pill, that’s – at least – four million                                          pills a year (or 10,958 pills a day)!                                                                     Now we’re gonna guess that a dozen – or less –                                             of those little blue pills can be found                                                               in the backpacks of troops on the ground.                                                       And that gives us reason to say:                                                                       who uses those pills if it’s not the poor schlup                                                 buried deep in the front line of wars?                                                               Are they just for the “brass” who can’t get it up                                           when they’re banging their girlfriends and whores?                                       I’d think it’d be great to “investigate”                                                           how many Viagras are stocked                                                                         in officers’ quarters at the Pentagon,                                                             so they don’t go off – uh – ‘half-cocked’.                                                       So Viagra is paid with a taxpayer buck                                                           and the brass can get laid and enjoy a good fuck.                                           But, then, even more questions seem to “arise”:                                           if the Pentagon offers Viagra to guys,                                                             do female soldiers get stimulators,                                                                 or “little pink pills” or other vibrators?                                                         And then there’s transgenders, still serving our nation.                               Why should they be subject to discrimination?                                             What’s good for the Brigadier Generals, I sense,                                           should also be good for the ‘grunts’ in the trench!                                       –RKO-          #714            08-02-17                                                                   [Political Poetry by RKO now available at]

When Someone Gets Axed, We Get Taxed

“The Mooch” is out, without a doubt,                                                             it was a quick descention.                                                                                   I wonder – after just ten days – can he collect a pension?                             That’s something we should think about:                                                       what are we paying for                                                                                     as people keep going in and out                                                                       of Trump’s “revolving door”?                                                                           Do Spicer, Flynn and all the rest                                                                       have working contract payoffs,                                                                         where taxpayers still pay their wage,                                                               protecting them from layoffs?                                                                           Do we provide them health insurance                                                             and pensions for a lifetime?                                                                             Don’t say “the government” will pay;                                                               that money’s yours and mine!                                                                         Let’s say Trump fires Sessions soon.                                                             That’s really not a “whipping”.                                                                       If Sessions goes, we can assume                                                                     he’s “double”, “triple-dipping”!                                                                     If Trump decides to fire him,                                                                         Jeff’s ‘golden parachute’ is going to be a lot more than                                   a gold watch and a suit!                                                                                    A pension comes from Congress.                                                                       Trump fires him at will.                                                                                     Another pension as AG.                                                                                       Send taxpayers the bill.                                                                                     -RKO-                      #713          08-01-17                                                           [Political Poetry by RKO now available at www.xlibris,com]

America’s No Longer Great

America, what happened? You used to be so great.                                         But, now, you’re a society of bullying and hate.                                               From talk show hosts, comedians, reporters “on the scene”,                         it seems that everything you do – and listen to – is mean!                           Celebrities flaunt squalor; explicit, vulgar tones.                                           Your leaders all resort to hard profanity on phones!                                       The Facebook posts are bawdy, show shoddy disrespect;                               and this comes from America, one nation we’d expect                                   to be a bit more civil, and be much more urbane.                                           Instead, we see a country that’s led by the insane!                                         Your President just tweeted, “The world is watching.” – YES!!                        And I’m quite sure they’re laughing (unless I miss my guess).                      America, what happened? For all the world, you’ve been                               a beacon. What’s it going to take to make you great again?                           -RKO-         #712          07-31-17                                                                       [Political Poetry by RKO now available at]

“You Don’t Lead by Hitting People Over the Head – that’s assault, not leadership” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

Trump issues ultimatums. McConnell’s in a slump.                                       They’re blaming everyone they can except for Mitch and Trump!                 The first thing that they’ll do, of course, is blame it on McCain.                   They’ll say his ‘no’ vote shouldn’t count                                                       because he’s not completely sane.                                                                   His surgery has caused his thinking to impair;                                             and that’s why how he voted can’t be considered fair.                                   If that can’t work, then Trump will try to sabotage the law.                         He’s sure to make ObamaCare the focus of the flaw.                                     All that these ogres had to do was make modifications.                                 Instead, they chose to tear things up and terrify a nation.                             So, now, Trump and McConnell both look like lunatics;                                 and their two massive egos won’t simply let them “fix”                                 the flaws within ObamaCare. It’s really kind of sad:                                       how “leaders” of our country “lead” so superbly bad!                                     -RKO-                         #711            07-30-17                                                    [Political Poetry by RKO now available at]

Put ‘Em On An Incentive Plan

Murkowski and Collins already have been                                                       derided and chided again and again.                                                               But, all of a sudden, another surprise!                                                             McCain voted “No!” to Republican lies!                                                         Their health care revisions were sloppy and crude.                                     After seven long years of this childish feud,                                                 they couldn’t come up with a really good plan                                                 that benefits children, each woman and man.                                                 But John said it all when he spoke Thursday night                                       and said Congress does nothing but bicker and fight.                                       I think “we the people” should make this ‘Rule One’:                                     Congress doesn’t get paid ’til it gets something done!                                   -RKO-                   #710      07-29-17                                                                 [Political Poetry by RKO now available at]

Congress Does Itself In

So, Congress decided it had to install security systems to protect them all. It had to be done in secret, of course;                                                             they wouldn’t want protesters trying to force a halt to the project,             or further delay; they’d not want the public to get in the way.                     To stop any taxpayers’ mass mutiny; to avoid any media mass scrutiny,     they hired a firm called “W.H. Plumber”,                                                       and ordered the work to get started this summer.                                         Congress was told it would take half a year.                                                   But – once it’s installed – they’d have nothing to fear!                                    “There’s crazies out there who are trying to kill us!                                                         Just get the job done, and then secretly bill us!”                                                     So, “W.H. Plumber” worked every night.                                                         He was given top clearance and did everything right.                                   When the job was completed, he sent Congress his bill,                                 and everyone felt more secure on the Hill.                                                     With the President’s “State of the Union” address                                         all set to being in a “safer” Congress,                                                               the Capitol Building, now fully secured,                                                           awaited the President’s opening words.                                                           But, before all the raucous and cheering had slowed,                                     Americans watched the whole building EXPLODE!!!!                                     “W.H. Plumber” waited forty-six years.                                                         As he sat and he watched and he drank a few beers,                                     he finally got even for the price he had paid                                                     for the role in the Watergate scandal he’d played.                                           But – not only that – he did something else, too;                                           he did something that millions of voters can’t do!                                         With the flick of a switch, all the crooks and the thieves,                             Republicans, Democrats – whom no one believes –                                       were finally gone, and can’t be re-elected;                                                   and voters can do what they’ve always expected:                                       they can vote for a candidate willing to be                                                       a servant to people, and not their party!                                                       Career politicians will no longer get fat                                                       because they’re Republicans – or Democrats.                                                   No longer is Congress a millonaire’s club;                                                   it’s made up of people like you and me, Bub!                                                   Congress will no longer be “Dumb and Dumber”;                                       all thanks to a rebel named “W.H. Plumber”.                                                 -RKO-        #709         07-28-17                                                                        [Political Poetry by RKO now available at]

Nobody Builds THAT Car but ME!

THAT car’s not running right, so I’ll tear it apart.                                           Then, I’ll build us a brand new car. We’ll see if it will start.                         I’ve never built a car before, but how hard can it be?                                     I’m sure I’ll do a better job than Ford or GMC.                                               Why should I bother fixing THAT car that’s running ‘rough’                       when I can build a better car and leave out half the stuff?                             It doesn’t need an engine; it doesn’t need four wheels.                               But, this I promise: it will be the best of automobiles!                                     It isn’t just THAT car, you see; I have THAT guy who built it.                       And that’s why I just had to be the one that up and killed it!                         I could have made some small repairs, and – yes – that’s right:                   I’ve said it.                                                                                                         But, if I overhaul THAT car, THAT guy gets all the credit!                             -RKO-                    #708                   07-27-17                                                   [Political Poetry by RKO now available at]

It’s Inevitable

Congress now votes to continue debate                                                           on health care reform, which they just can’t get straight.                               McCain has returned, and he tried to play Cupid,                                           but Congress, of course, just ends up looking stupid.                                     This Congress is truly corrupt to its core.                                                         No honor or ethics exist anymore!                                                                   The system is broken, there’s no easy fix                                                         until we get rid of “Republicrat” pricks.                                                           They work for their party; they don’t work for us!                                           They’re boils infecting political pus.                                                                 McCain was correct: we’ve all got to quit                                                         allowing ourselves to be brainwashed by shit                                                   from loudmouths like Stewart, Limbaugh and Fox News                               and Colbert and Coulter and others who use                                                   their “right” to “free speech” to bully and ‘sell’                                             this nation of ours right down into Hell.                                                           What’s really pathetic, I’m sorry to say:                                                           the smartest among us believe what they say!                                                 Our egos prefer CNN or Fox News,                                                                 and we disrespect those who don’t share our views!                                     As rotten as things in Congress appear,                                                         we’re all just as bad with political smear.                                                     There’s only one thing that will bring us together,                                       and only one way that we ever will weather                                                     the storm of this ugly and national crisis:                                                       if we get attacked by Al-Qaeda or ISIS!                                                                                  -RKO-                        #707          07-26-17                                                                     [Political Poetry by RKO now available at]