Who Do We Think We Are?

There’s people out there who believe that it’s a good idea to “bomb the shit” out of another country (North Korea).                                                                               We have to blow them all to bits before they strike at us!                                           As long as we kill Kim Jong Un, no one would make a fuss!                                       If Kim has missiles capable of coming close to Guam,                                                 we have to let him take his shot and try to stop his bomb!                                         If we strike first, and then find out his weapons don’t exist,                                   then we face wrath around the world from leaders who’ll insist                           that we provoked Kim, and he had to guard his citizens;                                           and we become the bully, the mean Americans.                                                             Our allies might start finding it too hard to justify:                                                     why we committed genocide and let Koreans die.                                                         -RKO-                                     #724         08-12-17                                                                   [Political Poetry by RKO now available at www.xlibris.com]

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