Vacation for the Nation

Remember how Trump used to whine about Barack’s vacation?                                                                                                                                          And how much time and money it was costing our dear nation?                           Now, Trump’s going on vacation, for which the public pays;                                 and we’ve been told that he’ll be gone for more than sixteen days!                       Now we know being President’s a highly stressful task,                                             and needing just to get away is not too much to ask.                                                   But, might he have to take a break and  hide from public view                               because he sees that he’s bit off much more than he can chew?                             Could he just be exhausted, fatigued, worn to a “T”?                                                 Or does he need the time to plan a defense strategy?                                                 We may not ever really know his reasons for retreats.                                                 But, while he’s on vacation, he’ll still find time for ‘tweets’!                                   -RKO-                                                #717           08-05-17                                                       [Political Poetry by RKO now available at]

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