Man’s Still Not Worth It

I wonder what the dolphins think when they see  everything we sink .               A ship, a plane, a submarine. Why try to keep our oceans clean?                           The oceans are our dumping ground, a kind of global lost-and-found.             There’s unexploded bombs and guns, and human garbage by the tons!             And, yet, we wonder why the sharks and whales from the deepest reaches       are coming up on pristine shores and landing on our public beaches.                 Well, think about it; it makes sense: they’re trying to escape the stench           that man has made of their domain. But, are we hearing them complain?         They’re telling us to stop this shit! Stop making seas our garbage pit!               -RKO-                               #723          08-11-17                                                                          [Political Poetry by RKO now available at]

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