Man’s Not Worth It

God’s in His Heaven, looking down on Earth,                                                                                                                                                as He wonders why he gave mankind such worth.                                                       Next time He creates a globe, here’s what He’ll be seeing:                                       He’ll appoint the animals as the greater being!                                                               They’re superior, by far; they’ll respect Creation.                                                       They won’t start a World War with another nation!                                                     God now knows what He did wrong. He gave man ‘free will’.                                   Then man chose to use that gift as his “right” to kill.                                                 Man decided – on his own! – how to use God’s present.                                             Animals can surely make Earth a lot more pleasant!                                                   -RKO-                          #722                                                 08-10-17                                     [Political Poetry by RKO now available at]

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