Looky, Looky, Leaky, Leaky!

The reason that there is a leak inside the White House is  because                  all things are looking pretty bleak, and no one’s taking time to pause.               Nobody thinks about long-term; who cares who it affects?                                     So there’s a leaker, “inside worm”? For all one knows, (s)he could be next!   It’s hard to ask for loyalty when there’s no job security.                                           It’s difficult to be inspired when you expect to hear, “You’re fired!”                  I think you’ll see an exodus of mass proportion soon,                                                 as people say, “There is no way I’m working for this goon!                                     If fealty’s a requirement, I’ll take early retirement!                                                    I’m getting out before I’m gone. There’s no way he makes me his pawn!          I don’t think I can leave much faster. Trump will not be my Lord and Master!                                                                                                                                              And, as his staff begins to thin, of course, Trump sees it as a ‘win’.                      He’s cutting costs, that was his pledge, as government peers near the edge!   The “Indians” have all gone home; Trump’s now the only ‘chief”.                       He rules his kingdom all alone. He must feel much relief.                                         -RKO-              #716                08-04-17                                                                                    [“Political Poetry by RKO” now available at Xlibris.com]

NOTE: After a long absence due to my being unable to access this site, I will begin posting these daily political satires as promptly as I can until all previously unpublished poems are posted and we’re up-to-date with this anthology in chronological order. Thank you for your patience, and please let me know that you’re reading these pages. I look forward to your remarks. Thanks again!                             -RKO-

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