Drug Dealing’s Legal if You’re a Corporation

You’re standin’ on the corner; you’re dealin’ pills and pot.                                                                                                                                                      The cops show up: you’re busted! You’re future’s all but shot.                               But, if you’re an executive at Lilly, Merck or Pfizer,                                                   you sell a couple billion pills, and nobody’s the wiser!                                               Both ways, your customers get high; both ways, they crave your drug.               One way makes you a millionaire; one way makes you a thug.                                 It’s legal if you own a bar, or sell ’em cigarettes, or build a big casino                 where they can place their bets.                                                                                             Just get ’em hooked, and you’ll get rich, as long as you’re discreet.                     But don’t go pushin’ drugs and pills in shadows off the street!                               -RKO-                                            #719                               08-07-17                                       [Political Poetry by RKO now available at www.xlibris.com]

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