So Much for the Downtrodden

Acosta simply wanted a thorough explanation                                                 about the new Trump policy on legal immigration.                                       But, in true White House spokesman form,                                                     Steve Miller made it fully one more outrageous instance                               of White House ‘playing bully’.                                                                         It’s obvious the White House has nothing but contempt                               for anyone who questions them, or makes them look inept.                         And, now, GOP leaders wants briefings to “go dark”!                                   Are they afraid a spokesman’s bite might be worse than his bark?               “The New Colossus” welcomes all those in huddled mass.                               It doesn’t limit immigrants to just the ‘upper class’.                                       Besides, if Trump lets only those with ‘education’ in;                                   won’t that reduce job prospects for smart Americans?!?                               Steve Miller’s one more bully, like Bannon, “Mooch” and Sean.                 I’ll give him thirty days, or less, before – he, too – is gone.                           -RKO-                  #715                     08-03-17                                                   [Political Poetry by RKO now available at]

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