Forget Those Pesky Regulations!

As Trump’s administration gets rid of regulation,                                         perhaps we should consider how that affects our nation.                               No privacy protections on InterNet connections                                             means we will be subjected to constant interjection                                       of ads and sales pitches.                                                                                     Those corporate sons of bitches will overwhelm our e-mails                         and cause computer glitches!                                                                             But that’s not all! Just wait!                                                                               As things “deregulate”,                                                                                     don’t be surprised to find a fly in that Ding Dong you ate!                             And, if you buy a brand new Ford or Buick, or Honda Accord,                       there won’t be safety recalls. Is that a risk you can afford?                             Deregulation will be fine for corporations’ bottom line.                                 If safety rules are not required, the “safety” jeopardized is mine!                 -RKO-          #590         03-31-17

Oral Sextons

Verizon, Comcast, AT&T.                                                                                   They came with cash in hands.                                                                         So Congress spread its legs (again)                                                                 and followed corporate johns’ demands.                                                           They don’t care what the taxpayer sees.                                                         Congress gets down on bended knees                                                             to watch the blatant corporate wallow;                                                           Congress can’t do a thing but swallow.                                                           The Capitol’s become, you see,                                                                         the finest whorehouse in D.C.                                                                           -RKO-        #589          03-30-17                                                                     [Political Poetry by RKO now available at]

Fighting Words

Collateral Damage * Rape – as a weapon * Tribunals * Killing Fields * Melee * The “morality” of War * Reconnaissance * Withdrawal * Casualties * Siege * Escalade * MIA * Network-centric * Ramparts * War Crimes * Nuclear Warfare * Refugees * Body Count * Guerrillas * Chemical Warfare * Choppers * POW * Torture * PTSD * Intelligence

In war we use ten thousand terms in every news release.                                                 Too bad we can’t come up with more analogies for peace.                                                 -RKO-     #588         03-29-17                                                                          [Political Poetry by RKO now available at]  

Hannity, O’Reilly, Coulter and Limbaugh – Terrorists

This country’s in a giant slump; but it is not because of Trump.                   It’s not because of Hillary. It’s people like Sean Hannity                                 who, as Ted Koppel, boldly said, gives up society for dead.                             The toxic venom that is spewed – the vitriol by millions viewed –                 serves only to invade our mind with thoughts and words that are unkind.   So, Sean and Ann and Bill and Rush serve up their daily mordant mush,     just like the Nazis used to do before they killed a Jew or two.                         Of course, Rush will defend his spittle and justify why it’s so brittle;           and Sean and Ann and Bill will reach to sanctify freedom of speech.             They’re pompous, rich and so aloof; they claim there isn’t any proof           that all their yelling might incite the lawlessness we see each night.           It might not be what Rush has willed; his viciousness gets people killed.     -RKO-    #587       03-28-17                                                                               [Political Poetry by RKO now available at]

Fight Night

It’s a sad state of affairs when we keep on splitting hairs                             over who is “wrong” or “right”, and why we all must fight.                         We fight in wars that can’t be won.                                                                   Our Congress fights to “get things done”.                                                       We fight about pipelines and such.                                                                   We fight because it’s just too much                                                                   to try to come to peaceful ends.                                                                         We fight because we can’t be friends.                                                               Of course, the other guy’s to blame.                                                                 “He started it!” we always claim.                                                                     We lie when even truth fits best.                                                                       We rage and hate and – without rest –                                                             we stand up for what WE believe.                                                                     Opposing views we can’t receive.                                                                     There’s no such thing as compromise.                                                           Our only truths lie in our lies.                                                                         We’ll fight with every single breath.                                                               Our truths won’t triumph over death.                                                             And, as we’re rotting in our grave,                                                                 we learn there’s nothing left to save.                                                             Through all the acrid, caustic  strife,                                                             what did we really win from life?                                                                   We never changed the “wrong” to “right”.                                                     We just exemplified the fight.                                                                         – -RKO-       #586                  03-27-17                                                                [Political Poetry by RKO now available at]

We Don’t Make Things Better By Keeping Things The Same

“We had no Democrat support!” the President complained.                           And since not all Republicans joined in, the fact remained:                           ObamaCare was not repealed; TrumpCare did not replace it.                         So now Republicans must yield; they’re going to have to face it!                   It’s gonna be a rocky road for future legislation.                                             ObamaCare might not explode, which means more confrontation.               With moderate Republicans and staunch conservatives,                                 we’ll see this time and time again – where nothing is received.                     The tables now have turned, my friend; Republicans are pissed.                   They’re tasting their own medicine from tough obstructionists!                   While all of this might just seem dumb – just politicians’ “fun” –                 the sad fact is that, once again, Congress gets nothing done!                       Our Congressmen are impotent, corrupted to the core.                                 They’ll never improve government!                                                               Let’s show them to the door!                                                                           -RKO-          #585          03-26-17                                                                     [Political Poetry by RKO now available at]

Politicians Forget: People First

There’s no celebration; Republicans are mourning,                                         even though the nation offered them a warning.                                             TrumpCare was regurgitated from ObamaCare.                                               That’s why it was so ill-fated; there was nothing there!                                 Then Trump blamed the Democrats for this massive loss                               while not all Republicans could support their boss!                                         Democrats are giddy, laughing loud and hearty;                                             all because they’re pretty sure this has helped their party!                             Congress is a skanky lot; all those thieves and pervs.                                     Seems to me that they forget who they’re there to serve!                               -RKO-      #584       03-25-17                                                                             [Political Poetry by RKO now available at]

Impurity In Process

It’s time for us to vote – again!                                                                         But, wait!! It looks like we won’t win!!                                                             If that’s the case, we must delay!                                                                     We’ll have to vote another day!                                                                         We’ll twist some arms and stab some backs;                                                   and, if we must, we’ll ‘fudge’ some facts.                                                       Democracy works best, my chums,                                                                 when we can juggle the outcomes!                                                                   There’s no way that we’ll be content                                                               until we’ve rigged the government                                                                   so that we’re certain everyday                                                                         we’re always gonna get our way!                                                                   So don’t expect us to be fair.                                                                           We’re Congressmen – and we don’t care!                                                         We’re gonna get what we want done                                                               by trampling over everyone                                                                             who thinks we’re being too abrupt.                                                               That’s what we do; yes, we’re corrupt!                                                           We’ll do what’ere we damn well please!                                                       We’ll bring this country to its knees!                                                             But, by God, we’ll bask in our hour                                                                 of unadulterated power!                                                                                 –RKO-     #583        03-24-17                                                                           [Political Poetry by RKO now available at]

In the End, it Won’t Be Easy to Defend

Some day the Supreme Leaders, those High Exalted Chiefs,                           will go to meet their Maker, defending their beliefs.                                     Their commandants and generals will stand right by their side,                   and all of them will justify their military pride.                                               They’ll try explaining why they bought                                                           more battleships and bombs                                                                             while millions of their fellow men                                                                   were starving, without homes.                                                                         They won’t accept the murders they ordered to commit.                               For, in their minds, those were not crimes;                                                     so why should they admit?                                                                                I wonder how their Maker will judge such need to fight?                               I wonder if, within their souls, they’ll know war wasn’t right?                     -RKO-         #582          03-22-17                                                                       [Political Poetry by RKO now available at]

Congressional Folly

Congress passed another law; someone found a loophole.                             In the days of Moses, laws were left alone.                                                       When he came down from the Mount,                                                             with those Ten Commandments,                                                                       all the “law” he needed was right there, carved in stone!                               It was all straight-forward, just as God had wrought.                                     Every one of those ten laws starts with Thou Shalt Not.                                  There are no disclaimers, no exceptions granted;                                           no ‘fine print’ to wiggle through, all clear and concise.                                   No Commandment benefits one group or another.                                         Those ten laws were meant for all,                                                                 the naughty and the nice!                                                                                   Congressmen will pass a law to benefit their friend,                                       even if it means ‘the people’ suffer in the end.                                               I find it peculiar – in fact, I think it’s odd –                                                     how Congress actually assumes                                                                         that it’s smarter than God!                                                                                -RKO-        #581        03-22-17                                                                        [Political Poetry by RKO now available at]