We Need More “Commoners” in Office!

Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen;                                                           not Hillary; not Donald.                                                                         Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen;                                                           not Harry Reid; not McConnell.                                                                         Donald’s a billionaire;                                                                                         Clinton’s a millionaire.                                                                             Harry and Mitch are both wealthy;                                                         Nancy and Paul both have the gall                                                                     to claim they’re not rich, but they’re healthy!                                                 Maybe we should elect those who could                                                           identify with the masses.                                                                                   Maybe they wouldn’t                                                                                         – maybe they couldn’t –                                                                                     behave like such arrogant asses!                                                                      -RKO-           #351           07-31-16

We Liked Ike

Today, in 1956, “In God We Trust” became transfixed                                   as a new ‘motto’ graced our land.                                                                    I wonder what ol’ Ike would say if he saw how things are today?                 There’s not much ‘trust’ in God or man,                                                         and no one’s working hand-in-hand.                                                               Our nation now has a new ‘call’: “It’s all for one and one for all!”                     -RKO-        #350        07-30-16

Now We Sober Up!

The conventions are over; the partying’s through.                                         Now everyone’s sober, and there’s still only two                                           nominees on the stage, who now voters must                                               decide which of them they think they can trust!                                           -RKO-      #349        07-29-16

The Convention Ends

Allen said the military won’t engage in murder.                                             Chelsea talked about her mom, and everybody heard her.                               Hillary made history and called “Together Stronger!”                                     Soon we’ll hear from Donald; it won’t be too much longer!                           -RKO-       #348       07-28-16

Yes You Can!

Be anything you wanna be, with hard work and tenacity.                               Do anything you wanna do; yes, that’s the dream that waits for you!           It’s all there for the taking, girl; so grab the chance, give it a whirl!             And who knows what the future sees? A country filled with Hillarys!           -RKO-      #346      07-26-16

Selective Principles

“Hell no, DNC! We won’t vote for Hillary!”                                                      His twenty-dollar donors did what ol’ Bernie wouldn’t;                                they just rejected Hillary when Bernie simply couldn’t.                                You can’t bitch about billionaires, and others of great wealth,                     then say that you support someone who’s close to that herself!                       It’s kind of like the Christian guy who dedicates his life                             to following Commandments [except for #7},                                               since he’s sleeping with your wife!                                                                 -RKO-       #345             07-25-16

Will the ‘Real’ Madam Secretary Please Stand Up?

I watch Te’a Leoni as Madam ‘Secretary’.                                                            I wonder if it’s phony, ’cause it seems kind of scary.                                     She fixes eggs for breakfast, connects with family.                                         She makes love with her husband, and treats staff decently.                         I just can’t help but wonder if that the way it works.                                     Aren’t “true life” ‘secretaries’ more condescending jerks?                               -RKO-        #344      07-24-16

Trump’s Right: It’s all Rigged!

What WikiLeaks revealed is pretty shameful stuff.                                         The DNC burned Bernie and favored someone ‘tough’.                                   The party leaders “knew” it: ol’ Bernie had no chance;                                 so they made the decision to do the ‘Clinton dance’.                                     If primaries had not been rigged, and all the votes were counted,               the outcome might have changed a bit as Bernie’s backing mounted.           But party leaders know what’s best, and – as coffers got fatter –                   they’ll choose the candidate they want; the voters’ thoughts don’t matter! -RKO-       #343         07-22-16

What Would the Constitution Say About Either of these Two Scenarios?

What if it’s all been disguised, and – next week – we’re all surprised           by Ms. Clinton’s revelation that’s so sure to shock the nation.                       There’s not been such precedent: Bill is her Vice-President!                         Could such a maneuver work? Legal nerds would go berserk!                       OR, what if she really panders, naming both Warren and Sanders                          as her two Vice-Presidents? That would make the scholars tense!                        That might cause some legal wrangling; Constitution ‘experts’ angling.                      Whether it is wrong or right, voters would enjoy the fight!                                -RKO-        #342         07-22-16