That’s What We Need to Hear!

Two politicians, both with wild hair.                                                                 One has quit abruptly; the other one’s still there.                                           One politician (hair more nicely coiffed),                                                         gave a talk this morning with inspiring voice!                                                 It was, without question, a thought-provoking speech;                                 a frank talk about policy that surely needs to reach                                         every single voter; black, white, young or old;                                                 an address of such passion; impeccable and bold!                                           This was the kind of lecture we need in our campaigns;                                 instead of all the candidates just calling others names.                                   Why can’t we give each candidate a TV hour each week                                 and let them add some substance to that of which they speak?                     When airports are exploding, and dozens of us die,                                         networks “expand” their “coverage” to capture viewers’ eye.                       And, yet, when politicians give a meaningful address;                                   tonight we’ll get a ‘sound bite’; that’s all it’s worth, I guess.                         -RKO-        #320     06-30-16

And We Think We’re the Civilized Ones!

One hundred and two years ago yesterday,                                                       Archduke Franz and Sophie were shot.                                                             That led to the start of World War I,                                                                 where countless soldiers would die.                                                                 Five years to the day, war came to an end                                                       when the Treaty was signed at Versailles.                                                       The Allied alliance all bragged in defiance,                                                       how this would achieve world peace.                                                               Well, peace never came;                                                                                     and there’s no one to blame                                                                               except for the state of mankind.                                                                       We’ll fight to extinction!                                                                                   That’s our one distinction:                                                                                 unlike beasts, man’s out of his mind!                                                               -RKO-        #319        06-29-16

Is There Any Way to Come Together on This?

It ‘started’ with Norma McCorvey, and ‘ended’ with Roe versus Wade.       But, still, forty-three long years later, we’ve failed to convince or persuade a judge, a doctor, or clergy to come to consensus on this.                             We’re still as divided as ever – but might there be something we miss?       Yes, it’s an emotional issue that tears at the fabric of life,                             and heated discussions continue between lovers, husband and wife.             But is it the government’s business to keep adding fuel to this fire?             They’ve already said that it’s ‘legal’; what else must the law still require?   Why shouldn’t a moral decision be left to the people affected:                       the parents, their clergy, their conscience – and what they believe is expected from the god or the idol they worship?                                             The government’s role should be simple:                                                         for legal procedures, ensure there’s no persecution or danger,                     no prejudice, judgment or slur.                                                                       We may not agree with the order, and think it’s a terrible law;                   but, as long as it’s our legislation, then that’s society’s flaw!                     It’s grim how we think killing babies is part of a ‘civilized’ plan;                 and yet we believe it’s immoral to lethally inject a man                                 who rapes and murders our children, because he might be insane.               So we release him from prison, and he does it all over again!                         -RKO-       #318     06-28-16

Sell Out

Elizabeth Warren has sold out to Hillary Clinton’s enormous clout.               Once someone who rallied against the ‘big banks’,                                         Elizabeth – now – gives Hillary thanks                                                             for letting her ride along on the journey                                                           that takes in “big money” and decimates Bernie.                                           Of course, Warren says – when she’s out on the stump –                               that she’s joining Hillary just to beat Trump.                                                   But climbing in bed with the ‘big money’ corps                                               makes Warren no more than Hillary’s whore.                                                 -RKO-       #317        06-27-16


Orlando’s all forgotten.                                                                                     Obligatory tears,                                                                                               of course, have all been shed.                                                                           Of course, we’re back to ‘normal’;                                                                   outside, things look the same.                                                                         Officials start to head                                                                                         onto things of ‘importance’.                                                                             Officious as they seem,                                                                                     our leaders haven’t cared                                                                                 one thing about the people’s                                                                             outrage. Is it because                                                                                         old NRA has scared                                                                                             our Congress into doing                                                                                   only as it’s been told?                                                                                       Oh, tell me it’s not proper:                                                                               our leaders did give in;                                                                                   overtly, souls are sold.                                                                                       -RKO-     #316      06-26-16


“When will the wars end?”                                                                                                           “Never, my friend; not as long as humans occupy the Earth.”                     “When will the hate be done?”                                                                               “Never, my son; not as long as hearts believe that hate has worth.”           “When will the killings stop?”                                                                                                     “Never, Mom and Pop; not as long as we teach men to kill.”                       “When will we stop the slaughter?”                                                                                           “Never, my daughter; not as long as mankind lacks the will.”                     “When will we value life?”                                                                                                             “Never, my darling wife; not as long as ‘things’ bring us more value.”       “When will the world find joy?”                                                                               “Perhaps not ever, boy; not as long as we don’t think it through.”             “When will we wreck out world?”                                                                             “We’re doing that, my girl; with every footprint we leave on the sand.”    “When will peace ever be?”                                                                                                             “Never. Unfortunately, we’re only here to decimate the land.”                     -RKO-         #315        06-25-16

‘Brexit’ is Just the Beginning!

‘Brexit’ stunned the markets, shook many leaders’ stance;                            politicians worldwide begin a nervous dance.                                                 So, gradually, we’ll start to see return to tribal rules,                                     as governments prove purposeless, and led by utter fools.                             Three hundred years from now, we won’t have ‘Presidents’                           or ‘Congressmen’, ‘Prime Minsters’ or other such nonsense.                         We’ll all live in much smaller clans, with our own ‘local’ laws;                     without the politicians and all their evil flaws.                                               The ‘people’, then, will govern – no bureaucratic ego –                                 just like Native Americans did, some centuries ago.                                       We don’t need loons to ‘lead’ us, with all their hubris – Nope!                       We’ll manage fine without them, and that should give us hope!                   As Einstein said, not long ago, he just could not foresee                               what kind of weapons we might use to fight in World War III.                     But, World War IV, he’s certain, won’t use our tanks and drones.               We’ll be reduced to tribal war, and fight with sticks and stones!                   -RKO-     #314        06-24-16

Post-Election Surprise!

Hillary’s a liar; Trump’s a lunatic.                                                                   Bernie’s being told he needs to drop out quick.                                               Who should voters vote for? Come November 9;                                                 what if we wake up to find                                                                               they voted for Jill Stein?!?!?                                                                              -RKO-         #313              06-23-16

Rise Up! Don’t Stand for It! Sit Down!

Congress is in chaos.                                                                                         Ryan’s on the run.                                                                                             Let’s hope – at this sit-in –                                                                               no one pulls a gun!                                                                                             -RKO-       #312       06-22-16

Dastardly Donald’s Double-Dipping!

That dastardly Donald. You know what he’s done?                                         He’s loaned his campaign the money to run                                                     his whole operation, and pay all the bills                                                         for hotels and airplanes and halls that it fills!                                                 But, wait! His detractors are quick to throw stones:                                         a lot of those millions are paid where Trump owns                                       the hotels and airplanes and halls that he rents!                                           Now that’s ‘double dipping’ in the truest of sense!                                       So, whether he wins or he loses this year,                                                       his campaign still owes him, that’s perfectly clear!                                       And if the campaign can’t pay Donald back,                                                   he’ll claim a deduction on his income tax!                                                       Opponents are livid in their indignation;                                                         but couldn’t we use someone here in this nation                                             who’s savvy enough to exploit all the laws                                                       and point out the quirks, the loopholes and flaws?                                         Our Congressmen lie, they cheat and they steal;                                             but Trump takes advantage of every good deal!                                             And that’s what he’ll do if he happens to win:                                                 “Make America Great,” as he says, once “Again!”                                                 -RKO-          #311       06-21-16